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Your website is the face of the business. It allows you to stand out from your competitors in seconds and can dramatically affect your conversion rate.

Web Design services

Web design is crucial in making sure that people can reach and see your website prominent on Google search. Once you have your branding the next step is designing a website that is optimised with SEO. No-one wants a website that no-one can find.

User experience is vital when you’re building a website. Multiple studies have shown that if your website is ugly, clunky or slow, there’s a good chance (60-80%) that your customers will simply go somewhere else. Clearly, that’s a risk that should be avoided at all costs.

At Byra we’ll give your customers a clear and easy journey to their destination and which, ultimately, leads to more sales for you.

Built to last website

Whenever we build a website, CMS or digital system, we approach with a combination of intricate technical planning and ‘big picture’ thinking. Everything we make is designed with passion, built to be reliable, and fits seamlessly into the overall marketing strategy.

We don’t just build from scratch, either. Maybe you like your website but it’s not performing as well as you’d want it, or you’d like to add a new feature or area. Whatever it is you need, we can create it with minimum fuss and minimum waste.

A website built to impress

An academic study once showed that a website has about 50 milliseconds to make a good impression. So, it goes without saying that your business needs a website that wows your customers from the very moment they lay eyes on it.

That’s why visual design is integrated into all the websites we build from the very start – the way it looks is just as important as the way it feels. What’s more, we make sure that the design of your website blends perfectly with your overall branding.


Byra’s website development team know how to create websites that work flawlessly.

A flexible approach

Not sure what web design package you’re after?

We can offer a full marketing package or just tend to key areas. The first step is a conversation between you and us, to find out exactly where you’re at and where you want to head.


What our clients
say about our

“What an honest and reliable team to work with. After recently taking over High Altitude, the Byra team have helped us to create a new marketing strategy and website. They are in the process of developing the rest of year events calendar and our social strategy. A no fuss solution, and great value for money. What an asset they are.”
Josh Deadman

Managing Director, High Altitude

“We have had Byra on board with us for a little while now and they have made our marketing a breeze! Always been there to support us through thick and thin of difficult days. Byra have jumped to support us on days where work loads are low and been able to support and fill those gaps. Our marketing is all now matching and professional! Could not recommend this company enough!.”
Jamie Perryman

Managing Director, Perrymans

“Byra offer the complete package when it comes to marketing. They recognise your needs and then create a plan to achieve your targets. Very quick to respond on any requests and offer a very supportive marketing solution to any business.

Would certainly recommend Byra and the services they offer.”

Stuart Marsden

The Bathroom Place

Your website design needs might change along the way and that’s totally fine.

We believe in transparency and flexibility, which means we never want you paying for anything you don’t need. Equally, we’re experienced enough to spot which investments you can’t afford to miss out on.

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