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With billions of users across the world, most businesses simply can’t afford to be absent from social media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram make up a key aspect of your business’s online presence. They allow you to talk to your customers in their own language, in a place where they may spend hours a week.

Making a dent in a multi-billion-pound industry can be a huge obstacle for small and medium sized businesses. Meaningful changes don’t happen overnight; they need sensible, informed choices each step of the way.


Return on investment is always key, and social media is no exception. Each month we’ll provide a clear, simple report summarising your impact on the social media world.

For you, the three most important numbers are Reach (The number of people who saw you), Engagement (The number of people who clicked or commented on your posts) and Traffic (The number of people who went on to visit your site).

By keeping track of the peaks and troughs of these numbers, we’ll be able to determine what works and what doesn’t, so that we’re consistently learning, tweaking and improving your online presence. Each month we can make adjustments to refine your audience and improve your content so that, over time, your ROI will soar CTA.

Organic & Paid

Notice we say ‘organic and paid’ and not ‘organic Vs paid’? The two require different skills, but they work best when combined.

Organic is the bread and butter of social media, it’s the tweets, the articles and photos; it’s the sharing, commenting and interacting; it’s the profile picture, the witty bio and the links to your content. It’s the stuff that takes days to learn but a lifetime to master.

Paid social media is – in short – advertising. When done right, paid social lets you reach the perfect customers at the perfect time. It’s about carving out your own audience and giving them the eye-catching message that sends them straight where you want them.

When the two halves of the discipline are combined, the results can be stunning. For some businesses, their entire success has hinged on successful social media presence.

Our experts understand how to fully use your existing presence (big or small) for a sustainable and long-term increase in customer engagement.

A flexible approach

Not sure what you’re after?

We can offer a full social media management or just tend to key areas. The first step is a conversation between you and us, to find out exactly where you’re at and where you want to head.


What our clients
say about our

“What an honest and reliable team to work with. After recently taking over High Altitude, the Byra team have helped us to create a new marketing strategy and website. They are in the process of developing the rest of year events calendar and our social strategy. A no fuss solution, and great value for money. What an asset they are.”
Josh Deadman

Managing Director, High Altitude

“We have had Byra on board with us for a little while now and they have made our marketing a breeze! Always been there to support us through thick and thin of difficult days. Byra have jumped to support us on days where work loads are low and been able to support and fill those gaps. Our marketing is all now matching and professional! Could not recommend this company enough!.”
Jamie Perryman

Managing Director, Perrymans

“Byra offer the complete package when it comes to marketing. They recognise your needs and then create a plan to achieve your targets. Very quick to respond on any requests and offer a very supportive marketing solution to any business.

Would certainly recommend Byra and the services they offer.”

Stuart Marsden

The Bathroom Place

Your needs might change along the way and that’s totally fine.

We believe in transparency and flexibility, which means we never want you paying for anything you don’t need. Equally, we’re experienced enough to spot which investments you can’t afford to miss out on.

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